Hello and Welcome to Splendid Habitat!

I’m Elle,

A woman with an unquenchable passion for interior design, art, travel, culture, style, family and all things beautiful.

I believe home is a sacred space where you nurture the people you love.  To me, the process of turning a house into a home is a labor of love, creativity, hard work and self expression.

Splendid Habitat is my forum to share the beauty I see in products, people, culture, nature, God and art that inspires my creativity and style at home.  It’s also the place I’ll share ideas, resources and inspiration to help you create a home that reflects your personal beauty and uniqueness.

I hope you enjoy the journey.


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A little about me …

I grew up in a household full of women (my poor dad).  I saw my mother, sisters, and aunts make their own personal style statements using ingenuity and they were never limited by how much was in their wallet.   Today, we may have more resources available but style still requires creativity and to know thyself.  I learned from a master class of women who still inspire me.

1st cruise with Mom

I’m a wife, mother, and business woman who loves traditions and has created a few of her own.  I like to set the table and have family dinners on Sunday.  I love to sew, cook from cratch and to create things.  I enjoy many crafts and DIY.  I know quality and like most woman enjoy the hunt for a bargain; therefore I’ll shop almost anywhere.  I prefer to have a conversation on the telephone instead of sending a text.  Yet, I am very much a modern woman who enjoys traveling the world, embracing technology, redefining stereotypes and exploring new things.  Also, I’ve turned a house into a home many times because my family has lived in many places.

I’ve worked for 20 years in the fields of design, product development, marketing and consumer research.  I’m a naturally curious woman that loves to understand what’s important to you so I can help create your hearts desire at home.  My design roots were born in the fashion industry where I started off modeling, and later worked as a stylist and a designer.

I hope you find Splendid Habitat to be a source of inspiration and a resource to help you make your creative dreams for your home come true.  And remember to make your home life beautiful!