Design Services

I believe home is our most sacred space.  The place where you nurture the people you love and yourself.  To me, the process of turning a house into a home is a labor of love, creativity, hard work, time and self expression.

It would be my privilege to help you make your dreams about home come to fruition.  We work on projects of all sizes and budgets with the goal of helping our clients to create personalized spaces that truly reflect who they are.

Splendid Habitat offers a full range of design services and consulting including:

  • Interior design and decoration for private residences
  • Interior decoration and design consulting for model residences
  • Interior styling of For Sale residences
  • In-home or virtual accessorizing and design consultations
  • Custom furniture design and furniture re-design
  • Custom accessories
  • Color selection consultations

For more information or to schedule an appointment please contact us at